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  In today's construction industry, the development prospects of gypsum block are quite broad, because it meets the needs of building development, conforms to the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation, such fine products have broad prospects for development.
  You should know that gypsum block is a large light building gypsum product, which is made of building gypsum as the main raw material and is mixed, poured and dried by water. Its shape is generally flat cuboid, Yongchang has concave and convex sides, tongue and groove on each side. According to its gypsum characteristics, desulfurization gypsum powder price gypsum block can be divided into natural gypsum block and industrial production gypsum block; according to the specification shape, it can be divided into standard specification and non-standard specification, heterogeneous block; according to equipment manufacturing method, it can be divided into artificial gypsum block and mechanical gypsum block.
  So, what are the characteristics of such a variety of gypsum blocks? The following section gives you a detailed introduction, which can better apply and develop the product and create more benefits.
  Excellent performance of gypsum block
  1. 石膏砌块与其他墙体材料尤其是传统实心粘土砖相比具有以下优点:
  1. Compared with other wall materials, especially traditional solid clay brick, gypsum block has the following advantages:
  The fire resistance of gypsum is five times that of concrete. Gypsum block has higher fire resistance than ordinary paper gypsum board. In 1998, China promulgated "Classification Method for Combustibility of Building Materials" and "Test Method for Combustibility of Building Materials", classifying gypsum products as non-combustible products. After the implementation of Fire Protection Code for Building Interior Decoration Design in 1995, sales of gypsum wallboard products increased rapidly. In Germany, gypsum blocks are class A1 non-combustible building materials specified in DIN4102. The thickness of gypsum block partition wall is more than 80 mm, which is fire-proof grade (fire-proof grade f180-a). The above 100 mm gypsum board partition wall belongs to high fire-proof grade (fire-proof grade f180-a). The Ministry of Construction and Housing Administration of Japan stipulates that all buildings subsidized by the State Treasury must be made of non-combustible materials into ceilings and interior wall fire-proof panels in case of fire.
  In addition, because the two kinds of water gypsum release water at high temperature in fire, the content of water gypsum is as high as 21%. If the wall is 80 mm thick gypsum block wall, about 15 kg of water should be evaporated per square meter when the fire burns, and the wall can be further warmed up. Generally, 1 kg crystalline water needs about 126 KJ of heat. 40 square meters of office is equivalent to 1 ton of water evaporation, which will consume a lot of heat. Other non-gypsum wall materials do not have this characteristic.
  2. Good insulation and sound insulation
  The thermal insulation performance of 1 cm thick gypsum layer is equivalent to that of 3 cm thick brick layer, 4 cm thick mortar or 5 cm thick concrete house.
  当普通外墙砖厚度为370mm时,传热系数为1.34kcal /M2?H ?如果采用200mm厚石膏板墙体,传热系数为0.17Kcal/M2?H ?℃时,节能60%,一般80mm厚石膏砌块相当于240mm厚实心砖的保温能力。
  When the thickness of ordinary exterior wall brick is 370 mm, the heat transfer coefficient is 1.34 kcal/M2?H? If 200 mm thick gypsum board wall is adopted, the heat transfer coefficient is 0.17 Kcal/M2?H????? C, the energy saving is 60%, and the heat preservation capacity of 80 mm thick gypsum block is equivalent to that of 240 mm thick solid brick.
  In addition, taking 100 mm thick gypsum block wall as an example, its sound insulation effect reaches 36-38 db, which is difficult to achieve by other similar building materials with the same thickness. Desulfurization gypsum powder hollow block sound insulation value, especially low-frequency sound insulation value, although reduced, but still can meet the requirements of sound insulation. Adding light aggregates such as expanded perlite and ceramsite, or foaming gypsum slurry, or using cavity structure and sound absorbing materials in gypsum blocks can improve the insulation and sound insulation performance of the blocks.
  3. The wall is lighter and has good impact resistance.
  双石膏粘土固体砖,例如,半砖墙296重㎏/㎡,一堵砖墙的重量524㎏/㎡,和不同的固体抹石膏砌块墙,大约72㎏/㎡80毫米厚,100毫米厚约90㎏/㎡,粘土实心砖的1/3重量墙- 1/4。
  Double gypsum clay solid brick, for example, half brick wall 296 heavy /, a brick wall weight 524 /, and different solid plaster block walls, about 72 / 80 mm thick, 100 mm thick about 90 /, clay solid brick 1/3 weight wall - 1/4.
  Therefore, gypsum blocks with excellent characteristics can well meet our development needs. It is very important for us to trust and develop this kind of environmental protection and energy saving products.